An Adelaide man is thanking a spur-of-the-moment decision for scoring him one of the top prizes of $10,000 on a $1 Cash Dash Instant Scratch-Its ticket. 

The winning ticket was purchased at Kylie Brown’s Newsagency, Shop 17, Bayside Village Shopping Centre, 19 Brighton Road, Glenelg. 

Speaking with us, the thrilled winner recounted how he discovered the winning news. 

“I only ever buy scratchies once in a blue moon, so it was definitely a spur-of-the-moment decision,” he explained. 

“I bought a whole bunch of $1 tickets and then took them home. 

“Later that night, me and a friend were just sitting at home bored when I remembered I had them. 

“I said to her ‘if you’re bored, we can scratch these’ and we got stuck into them. 

“My friend scratched it and told me she had a winner. I couldn’t believe it. 

“We checked the ticket and were counting the number of symbols out loud – ‘one ten thousand, two ten thousand, three ten thousand’. 

“We screamed ‘Wahoo!’ when we realised it was a winner. 

“The most I’ve ever won is $20. I never expected to win $10,000 – especially from a $1 scratchie!” 

When asked how he planned to celebrate the win and enjoy his prize, the happy winner confessed his plans were ‘pretty low key’. 

“I didn’t do much to celebrate. Just called a few friends and family members to let them know the good news,” he explained. 

“I’ve got quite a few things on my list that I’d like to spend it on, but I’ll be helping out my family to start with.” 

Kylie Brown’s Newsagency owner Kylie Brown declared the news that one of her customers scored a top prize was ‘fantastic’. 

“It always feels good to sell a top prize especially on Instant Scratch-Its!” she exclaimed. 

"We’ve sold a few major prizes over the past year or so, but this is our first Instant Scratch-Its top prize in a while. 

“We have plenty of scratchie lovers who come in store to get their tickets so I can’t wait to tell them all we’ve sold a top prize. 

“Every customer will know about it by the end of the day! 

“Congratulations to our winner! We wish him all the best!”