A man from Birkdale has received the most unforgettable birthday surprise from his wife, an Instant Scratch-Its ticket worth $10,000. 

The top prize winning $1 Sunny Money Instant Scratch-Its ticket was purchased at Birkdale Newsagency, Shop 4, Birkdale Fair Shopping Centre, 196 Birkdale Road, Birkdale. 

Speaking with our team, the winning woman relayed the moments leading up to the couple’s win. 

“We’re astounded! It’s pure luck!” she exclaimed. 

“I gave my husband some Instant Scratch-Its tickets for his birthday, and we scratched them together. We won around $12 on those tickets and decided to purchase more. 

“After we ate our dinner one night, we scratched the new Instant Scratch-Its tickets. I scratched the winning ticket and started screaming, “oh my god!”. 

“My husband thought I’d hurt myself! I passed the winning ticket to him straight away and he said,‘No! no! What!?'. 

“We couldn’t believe the win. We were jumping up and down. We opened a bottle of champagne to celebrate!”

When asked how they planned to enjoy their instant windfall; the Redland resident knew exactly what they would do. 

“We were thinking of purchasing a new car next year, but we will have to think about it,” she shared. 

“This is a lovely way to end the year.” 

Birkdale Newsagency owner Adrian Avtar Johal said it was the first top prize the retail outlet had sold since taking ownership. 

“Oh mate! It feels fantastic to have sold a top prize to a local customer!” she said. 

“We’ve been open for almost 20 years, and I’ve owned the store for 7. I don’t believe we’ve sold a top prize on an Instant Scratch-Its ticket before! 

“Congratulations to the winner. We hope they have a lovely Christmas and a great New Year!”