An Everton Park man is soon to win ‘Husband of the Year’ when he sends his wife on a shopping spree after scoring one of the top prizes of $25,000 on a $2 Instant Scratch-Its ticket.  

The top prize winning $2 Cash Stacks Instant Scratch-Its ticket was purchased at NewsXpress Northgate, 111 Ridge Street, Northgate. 

Confirming his win with us this morning, the happy winner revealed the reason he purchased that particular ticket. 

“It’s very exciting! I was very shocked to begin with. I think it’s still sinking in,” he said. 

“I grab a few scratchies a couple of times a week when I am out and about, and I had a few winning ones I wanted to cash in to buy some more. 

“So I stopped off at the store, and while I was there, the man behind the counter was loading a new ticket into the display. 

“I don’t know what it was about it that caught my eye, but I said to the guy behind the counter I wanted the first ticket off the new roll and that was the one that won! 

“I couldn’t believe it when I scratched it. I flipped it over to read the instructions and then flipped it back to check the front. Then I flipped it over again. 

“I also won $50 on the other ones I bought that day too so you could say I’m on a bit of a winning streak. Hopefully, it continues! 

“You hear of people winning, but you never think it’s going to be you!"

When asked how he planned to enjoy his instant windfall, the generous family man declared he couldn’t wait to spoil his family – and himself. 

“I told my partner as soon as the money comes through she can go on a shopping spree and buy herself some new clothes,” he declared. 

“She’s had a tough time lately, so she deserves it. She deserves to be spoilt. 

“My son’s birthday is coming up so I’ll spoil him with an iPad for that and I am going to spoil myself with a new set of golf clubs. 

“The majority will be put away towards a property, but with everything that has happened lately, we all need a bit of a treat. 

“I also want to take my friends and family out for dinner on the weekend to celebrate. 

“I can’t wait to play my first round of golf with my new clubs.” 

NewsXpress Northgate owner Prabh Dhaliwal said he was thrilled to have sold the first major prize since taking ownership of the store. 

“Yay! Wahoo! That’s very good news!” he exclaimed. 

“Everyone really needs good news at the moment, so we are thrilled for our customer. 

“We took over the store in February, and this is the first major prize we’ve sold since then. 

“We will be telling all of our customers the good news! 

“Congratulations to our winner. We hope he enjoys his prize!”