Instant Scratch-Its is giving you a golden opportunity to have more chances to win thanks to the eye-catching Instant Scratch-Its $5 Golden Edition ticket promotion.

This new game offers $6 million in prizes to be won, including a top prize of $100,000. But we haven’t stopped there!

There are three chances to get that golden, fuzzy winning feeling with the $5 Golden Edition ticket.

First, you could win a top prize of $100,000, or one of the many other prizes to be scratched.

You can enter the any winning or non-winning Golden Edition tickets into the Golden Edition $50k Promotion for a chance to win $50,000. Hurry though, entries close on the 14th of May 2022.

If that isn’t enough and you’ve missed out on any prize, you can use your non-winning tickets to enter the monthly Instant Scratch-Its 2nd Chance Draw. 

All you need to do to potentially win big is scratch the ticket and match any of the 6 ‘Lucky Symbols’ to any of the 15 ‘Your Symbols’ to win the prize shown for that symbol. 

If you happen to find a ‘TICKET’ symbol in the ‘Your Symbols’ panel you win all 15 available prizes in the panel. 

This incredible opportunity is as good as gold but is only available for a limited time. Our advice is to move quickly and head into your friendly lottery outlet to purchase your ticket to get not one, not two, but three great chances to win!