A Hervey Bay woman who scratched a $250,000 top prize on an Instant Scratch-Its ticket during her lunch break was surprised to discover she lost her breath from the revelation.

The top prize-winning $10 Winners Club ticket was purchased from Newsxpress Eli Waters, 23/2 Ibis Boulevard, Hervey Bay.

This morning, we reached out to the winning woman, who was still reeling from the exciting win days after her discovery.

“It’s hard to process,” she laughed.

“It’s sort of surreal!

“The $10 Winners Club Instant Scratch-Its ticket has always been my favourite, so when I saw it had come back, I knew I had to give one a go.

“I’ve had my $20 and $25 wins here and there, but nothing like this. I certainly didn’t expect this!

“I was on my break in my office when I scratched the ticket, and I couldn’t speak, I couldn’t breathe!

“I was in so much shock!

“I’ve only told immediate family members about the win.

“I’ll look forward to helping them out. It’s my main priority!

“Then, I’ll put the residual in the bank and sit on it!

“Thank you so much.”

The Newsxpress Eli Waters team said they couldn’t be happier for their local winner and wished them all the best with their instant win.