Mother’s Day is almost here! It’s that special occasion where we try and pack a year’s worth of love and appreciation into one day. 

But how do you say thank you to the mother figure in your life? Especially when they’ve already got all the pyjamas, jewellery, and coffee mugs they could ever need. 

Thankfully, Instant Scratch-Its has a gift idea that could truly be a winner! 

We’re talking about a special treat that bundles big fun and big dreams into a conveniently small package and will add an extra surprise to her day. 

Introducing the $5 Cash Celebrations ticket from Instant Scratch-Its! 

This limited-edition ticket will truly light up mum’s day. With four bright colours in the range, you’ll be sure to outshine your siblings and become mum’s instant favourite.  

Slip it into a card, add it to a gift hamper, or hide it amongst the breakfast tray for a fun surprise.  

The best part is every ticket has the chance to win great prizes and make mum’s dreams come true! There are two top prizes of $100,000 up for grabs, while revealing a balloon symbol could see mum score an instant $20 win. 

Every year straight after Mother’s Day, we have overjoyed mums come forward to claim their top prize after scratching a winning Instant Scratch-Its ticket on their special day. 

A nurse from Wagga Wagga had her Mother’s Day instantly sweetened when she scratched a $100,000 win!  

“I got it as a Mother’s Day gift from my family. I got a few other little things with it, so I didn’t scratch it straight away,” she explained.  

“When I did scratch it, I thought I was seeing things, so I put it away and decided I would check it the next day.  

“This has been the best Mother’s Day ever! I don’t think I’ll ever be able to top it and I definitely won’t ever forget it.”  

A winner from Crestmead also shared that she had an ‘unforgettable’ day thanks to her $100,000 Instant Scratch-Its win.  

“Well my mum gave me some scratchies for Mother’s Day as a gift and she bought herself the exact same ones,” she explained. 

“It was amazing! So unbelievable and such an unforgettable Mother’s Day. 

 “I am giving half of my prize to my mum. I want to share it with her, it makes it even more special.” 

For some of our winning mums, their instant windfalls help them indulge in the simple things, like spoiling themselves to a day at the spa or an overdue appointment at the hairdresser.  

While every mum enjoys their prize in a different way, there’s always one thing in common, they’ve had a Mother’s Day they’ll never forget. 

What are you waiting for?! Find your local Instant Scratch-Its outlet here and surprise mum this Mother’s Day.