A Noble Park woman has always dreamed of taking her family to Bethlehem for a holiday – and now that dream will become a reality thanks to a $100,000 Instant Scratch-Its win.

The top prize winning $5 Crosswords ticket was purchased at Noble Park News, 21-22 Douglas Street, Noble Park.

Speaking with us this morning, the Victorian admitted she was still coming to terms with her windfall.

“I bought this Instant Scratch-Its ticket myself. I don’t buy them very often. It’s only if there’s a big lottery draw or if I’m feeling particularly lucky,” she explained.

“I was actually on my lunch break when I scratched this ticket. At first, I thought I had scratched off nine letters, which I was pretty happy about. I checked the ticket over and over, but I still didn’t realise what I’d won.

“A few hours later I checked the ticket again and that’s when I realised I’d won the top prize.

“I was by myself, so I called my husband straight away and his reaction was fantastic. He was so happy! Thinking about it now just makes me giggle.

“We haven’t done anything to celebrate just yet, but I’ve asked my children to book a really fancy restaurant in the city for us all on the weekend.

“This prize is going to be used for my family. I’ve always wanted to take my family to Bethlehem for a big holiday.

“That’s been a big dream of mine for years, and now I have this money, I can take my whole family!

“It’s a dream come true.”

Noble Park News owner Jianhui Guan said the win marked an exciting milestone for the outlet.

“It is so exciting!” he said.

“Our outlet has sold a lot of big prizes over the years, but this is the biggest Instant Scratch-Its win we’ve had since I took ownership in 2020, so it’s a big moment for me.

“My team and I would like to congratulate our winner and wish her all the best with her prize. What a great win!”