An Ulverstone woman has been stopped in her tracks after scoring $10,000 on an Instant Scratch-Its ticket she’d purchased after dropping her kids off at school. 

The top prize winning $5 Perfect Gift ticket was purchased at East Devonport Newsagency & Lotto, 71 Wright Street, East Devonport. 

Sharing her excitement with us this morning, the Tasmanian said she’d been pleasantly surprised by her top prize win. 

“I dropped the kids off at school and then I popped into the newsagency, and I saw they had these little mystery packs of scratchies,” she explained. 

“I decided to buy one of those packs and then I went home and made myself a cup of coffee and sat down to scratch them. 

“When I saw I’d won the top prize on this ticket, I couldn’t believe it. I thought, ‘this can’t be right’. 

“I checked it so many times because I was so overwhelmed! 

“I thought it had to be a fake, or a dud! I even questioned if it was a joke ticket, but it’s not. 

“Ahh! It’s awesome that it’s real and I actually have won. I can’t believe it! 

“I am very happy about it. It will certainly come in handy.” 

When asked how she planned to enjoy her instant windfall, the elated winner said it would be a huge help. 

“I want to be sensible with my prize, so I won’t do anything too crazy,” she laughed. 

“I need to do some upgrades around the house, so that will be the main priority. 

“The kids will get a little treat too!” 

East Devonport Newsagency & Lotto owner Samantha Bell said she was delighted a local customer had won a big prize. 

“It was very exciting to sell that winning ticket,” she shared. 

“We’ve only had the store for just under two years and this is our first top prize win, so it’s really great news. 

“The winner came in after she’d scratched the ticket to double check, and as you can imagine, she was pretty chuffed! 

“Hopefully this is the start of a winning streak and we can deliver more big wins to our customers. 

“Congratulations to our winner. We wish you all the best and couldn’t be happier that you’ve won such an awesome prize!”