An Inglewood mum has relayed how her simple weekly routine of scratching an Instant Scratch-Its ticket as a little treat led to a $10,000 top prize win. 

She won the $10,000 prize on a $5 The Perfect Gift ticket purchased at Sutto's Inglewood Newsagency, 72 Albert Street, Inglewood. 

Speaking with us, the Queensland woman admitted she almost didn’t buy the ticket that delivered her top prize win. 

“I bought the ticket myself because I really love Instant Scratch-Its,” she explained. 

“I don’t even care about the win, it’s actually about the whole ritual. I love buying the tickets and just sitting down with a coffee and scratching them or buying them while I am waiting for the kids and scratching them then. 

“It’s funny though, because I actually didn’t particularly want this ticket. I just thought it wasn’t like the ones I usually like to get, but my husband kept telling me to get it, so eventually I did. 

“When I scratched it and realised I’d won, I thought ‘oh my god! Thank god I bought this one’. I could not believe it!

“I screamed at my husband that I’d won, and he was gobsmacked. He just kept saying ‘no you haven’t! No way’. 

“Then once it started to sink in, he said he was proud of me, which is a bit funny and sweet. 

“I just do it for the joy of scratching the ticket, not the prize, so it really is incredible.” 

The self-proclaimed Instant Scratch-Its lover already has plans for her $10,000 prize. 

“Well, I really need a new bathroom!” she explained. 

“So the first thing we will be doing is definitely that. I might also buy a few little toys that I have been eyeing off, too.” 

Sutto's Inglewood Newsagency owner Trish Christy said she was proud to have made another one of her customers a major prize winner. 

“Isn’t it exciting!” she said. 

“It’s fantastic news not just for the winner, but also for us and for the community. 

“We are so happy for our local customer and wish her all the best with her prize. 

“We have sold a few big prizes in the past and it’s always nice to sell another. We hope this is the start of a winning streak!”