A Millicent local has come forward to SA Lotteries today to put their claim on the mysterious $2.4 million Keno Spot 10 prize which was won in a Keno draw just three days ago.

The happy winner, who wishes to remain anonymous, said they had read on social media that there was an unregistered multi-million dollar prize waiting to be claimed and thought it was best to visit their local SA Lotteries outlet to check their entry as soon as possible.

“There were people swarming all around the newsagency when I went in to check my Keno Spot 10 ticket – I think news had already spread around Millicent that there was an unclaimed $2.4 million prize purchased there!” the winner exclaimed.

“The newsagency owners waited for their store to settle down a bit and after scanning my ticket confessed they didn’t have quite enough money in their till to pay me my prize!

“I didn’t know at the time I walked into the newsagency that I was going to walk out as a multi-millionaire! I’ve just been repeating the words ‘multi-millionaire’ in my head ever since! I’m over the moon!

“I’ve often thought about what I’d do if I won a windfall like this, and I’m going to invest it in the right places so that I can head towards an early retirement! I’ll continue to work and wait until the dust settles, and just keep on enjoying my life!

“When I told my family they all had tears of joy in their eyes! It was a great moment to know I can help them out.”

The winner said the win was a good turn of luck from trying something new.

“I play Keno now and then but this time I asked the newsagency owner for his hot tips on different ways to play,” the winner explained.

“I decided to play randomly selected numbers because knowing the way my luck usually goes, I thought it was best I leave it up to fate instead and it’ll bound to be a winner!

“And as luck would have it, I won the jackpot!”

The winning Keno Spot 10 entry was purchased from Millicent Newsagency & Stationary Supplies, 5 Glen Street in Millicent.

Paul and Barbara Smith are the owners of Millicent Newsagency & Stationary Supplies where the winning Spot 10 entry was purchased and said they were thrilled for their happy customer.

“I’ve never seen anyone so gobsmacked! A $2.4 million prize was amazing news to deliver to our winning customer!” Mr Smith said.

“We’re so pleased that they are a local and that Millicent will benefit as well!

“We have wished the winner all the best in following their dreams as they privately enjoy their windfall.”

Keno is a game whereby 20 numbers are randomly generated from a possible 80. To win a Keno Spot 10 top prize, a player must match all ten of the numbers selected on their ticket against the 20 numbers drawn.

Keno draw results are available online at SALotteries.com.au.