A woman from Richmond, in inner western Adelaide, was initially indecisive about purchasing a Keno Spot 8 entry on the day she ended up winning a $50,000 Keno Spot 8 prize!

The delighted woman confessed it was a bit of a sliding doors moment when she decided to play a Spot 8 entry which pocketed her $50,000!

“I was just walking down the street when I almost passed by the Hilton Plaza Lottery Kiosk thinking ‘Mmmmm will I grab a Keno today? Will I? Won’t I? – Why not!’” the woman explained.

“I seem to have a knack of winning $2 so when I came back to the kiosk, I went to the counter and joked ‘I’ve come to collect my $2 prize!’

“You should have seen the look on the lady’s face. She was so excited! She whispered ‘You’ve got to go in to SA Lotteries, you’ve won Keno Spot 8!’”

The winning woman said she didn’t waste any time in bringing her ticket in to claim her prize.

“My daughter was at work so I made up a little white lie that I was unwell so that she’d come home and see me. When she arrived I told her we were going for a drive to pick up $50,000! She couldn’t believe it!” she laughed.

“It still hasn’t quite sunk in but I know I’ll spoil my grandchildren rotten!”

The Keno Spot 8 winner wishes to remain anonymous.

The winning Keno Spot 8 entry was purchased from Hilton Plaza Lottery Kiosk, Shop 14 in the Hilton Plaza Shopping Centre at 160 Sir Donald Bradman Drive in Hilton.

Mary Kitson is the owner of Hilton Plaza Lottery Kiosk and said it was an uplifting experience to have sold a Keno Spot 8 winning entry.

“My staff member who sold our happy customer the winning ticket was so pleased when it turned out to be a winner – she was still bubbling and bouncing around when she finished up her morning shift!” she exclaimed.

“It’s really lifted our spirits – both our customers and the kiosk team. It’s good news for the outlet!

“We’ve already got a sign up saying ‘Keno Spot 8 sold here today’, and a customer commented ‘wow, dreams really do come true!’

“The kiosk has had a number of first division wins a few years ago so we were due for a new one. Hopefully this is just the beginning of a winning streak!”