A man from Torrensville in Adelaide’s inner-west is planning a summer of fishing after hooking a $50,000 Keno Spot 8 prize last week.

The happy winner told an SA Lotteries official he was caught by surprise when he checked his regular Keno entry at a local watering hole.

“I was at the pub enjoying a pint and a parmy when I went to the Keno counter to check my ticket, and the machine flashed up a row of asterisks. Both me and the staff member thought the machine was broken,” the man explained.

“We checked it again, and she said it looked like I’d won Spot 8. Of course I thought she was having me on.

“The next minute she pointed up at the Keno screen, which said a Keno Spot 8 prize had just been won at the West Thebarton Hotel. I thought hang on, that’s where I am!

“That’s when I realised she wasn’t joking. I’d won $50,000 in Keno Spot 8!”

When asked if he had plans for his Keno windfall, the winner said he only had one thing on his mind.

“The money’s just sitting in my bank account at the moment, but as soon as the weather gets warmer I reckon I’ll head out on some fishing trips,” he said.

“In the meantime, $50,000 will get me a couple more pints and parmies at the pub!”

The winner wishes to remain anonymous.

The winning Keno Spot 8 entry was purchased from West Thebarton Hotel at 51 South Road in West Thebarton.