A Booker Bay mother is planning to organise flights to England to see her daughter as soon as she can after discovering she won the 1st Prize in today’s Lucky Lotteries Super Jackpot draw. 

The Central Coast player won the guaranteed 1st Prize of $100,000 in Lucky Lotteries Super Jackpot draw 10476, drawn Tuesday 6 July 2021. 

As well as winning the 1st Prize, the woman also won a consolation prize of $1,000, boosting her total windfall to $101,000. 

This afternoon, we called to break the joyous news and found the unsuspecting winner entirely oblivious to her windfall. 

“Wow! That’s bloody wonderful,” she happily yelled. 

“You beauty! I nearly didn’t answer this. 

“I’m sick of people ringing me to con me, so I ignored the phone for a bit. 

“I thought to myself, ‘I’ll just answer and listen to see what it’s about’. 

“I heard the jackpot went off recently. I knew I had to purchase a ticket into the next draw. 

“I buy an entry into the Lucky Lotteries draw every five weeks for the family. 

“Thank you so much!” 

When asked how she planned to enjoy her windfall, the generous woman thought of her nearest and dearest first. 

“It will go towards helping family and friends who are struggling right now,” she shared. 

“It’s also been a while since I’ve seen my daughter in England, and I would really like to go and visit her. 

“This will definitely be a helping hand. 

“This has well and truly made my day!” 

The winning entry was purchased at Ettalong Beach Newsagency, 257 Ocean View Road, Ettalong Beach