An Eastern Creek man has been completely “thrown off guard” at work today after receiving a phone call with news he won $100,000 in the latest Lucky Lotteries Super Jackpot draw. 

The New South Wales player won the 1st Prize of $100,000 in Lucky Lotteries Super Jackpot draw 10451, drawn Tuesday 30 March 2021. 

As well as winning the 1st Prize, the Sydney man also took home a consolation prize of $1,000, boosting his total windfall to $101,000. 

This morning, we called the winner, who was struggling to comprehend the revelation he’d just scored $100,000. 

“Are you serious?” he questioned. 

“You’ve got to be kidding me! Seriously? 

“That is awesome! 

“I am shaking right now! I can’t stop shaking. 

“What an amazing surprise, hey? 

“I think this would have to be the best phone call I have ever received! 

“This is bloody great! 

“I don’t know how I am going to concentrate at work for the rest of the day. This has really thrown me off guard in the best way!” 

When asked how he planned to enjoy his windfall, the stoked bloke said he had one thing in mind. 

“This is going to go straight onto the mortgage,” he revealed. 

“I might have a bit of a party with some of my mates and family to celebrate too! 

“I am definitely going to have a couple of beers when I finish work today.” 

The winning entry of two consecutive numbers was purchased at CTC Eastern Creek, 159 Rooty Hill Road South, Shop T21  Eastern Creek Quarter, Eastern Creek. 

CTC Eastern Creek owner Nasser Barhoumeh said he couldn’t be happier to sell a major prize to one of his customers. 

“How good is that!” he said happily. 

“I am very happy! This news has made my day. 

“It’s a fantastic surprise for our winner and us. 

“We’ve only been here for less than a year, and we’ve already sold a few big prizes. This is the largest prize we have sold! 

“We feel very lucky and hope to sell more major prize winning tickets to our customers. 

“We can’t wait to make more of our customers’ dreams come true.”