Two weeks after the fateful draw, a Fairfield woman has finally checked her Monday Lotto ticket to discover she’s now a millionaire.   

The Sydney resident held the only division one winning entry across Australia in Monday & Wednesday Lotto draw 4097, drawn Wednesday 21 July 2021 and scored $1 million. 

Confirming her win with us this morning, the woman explained she’d only just thought to check her ticket. 

“Wow! Thank you,” she eventually managed. 

“I am so happy. 

“I just checked my ticket online, and the win appeared on my screen! 

“Because of the whole lockdown thing here in Sydney, I hadn’t checked it. I have been thinking of a million other things, so I just thought to check it then. 

“I cannot believe it. This makes everything so much better!” 

With one million dollars about to hit her bank account, the overwhelmed winner said her life was about to change in a big way. 

“I am just thinking I will be able to pay off my entire mortgage,” she said. 

“That is going to be an incredible feeling! 

“And when lockdown is over, I will definitely plan a holiday. 

“It will be amazing!” 

The life-changing entry was purchased at Fairfield Heights Newsagency, 251 The Boulevarde, Fairfield Heights.