A young family from Braybrook got the shock of their lives last night when they checked their Wednesday Lotto ticket and realised what they initially thought was a $1,000 win was in fact a $1 million windfall. 

The Victorians held one of the two division one winning entries nationally in Monday & Wednesday Lotto draw 4085, drawn Wednesday 9 June 2021. They take home a division one prize worth $1 million. 

This morning, we called the winners, who were eagerly waiting by the phone to hear their winning news confirmed. 

“I checked our ticket last night on The Lott app,” the winning man explained. 

“When I first checked it, I thought ‘score, I’ve won $1,000!’. But then I looked again, and I realised there were a lot more zeros on the end. 

“I ran straight up the stairs to my wife screaming and gave her a big hug and told her we are millionaires. 

“She thought I was pranking her at first, but then I showed her it on my phone and she was so shocked. 

“We couldn’t believe it! We had to check the ticket about ten times to be sure. 

“We were so excited that we accidentally woke the kids up from our screaming! 

“I just kept thinking it must be a dream!

“I can’t believe we are millionaires – that sounds crazy!” 

When asked how the family planned to enjoy their prize, the happy husband didn’t hesitate. 

“We are going to buy a house and a new car,” he shared. 

“The rest we will keep for our kids for the future.” 

The winning 12-game QuickPick entry was sold at Braybrook News & Lotto, 127 South Road, Braybrook. 

Braybrook News & Lotto team member Andy Pham said the outlet was celebrating the exciting division one win. 

“It’s so exciting!” he said. 

“We haven’t sold a division one winning entry in a while, so this is such great news. 

“We would love to send our congratulations to the winning family. We hope they make lots of exciting plans with their prize and it brings them great joy. 

“Often, we have customers asking us if we’ve sold a division one winning entry recently, and I can’t wait to share this news with them. 

“I am sure all of our customers hope they win division one next! 

“Hopefully, this is the start of a division one winning streak!”