Check your Powerball tickets, Sydney: an entry from a NSW Lotteries outlet in the city won the entire $50 million Powerball jackpot tonight, but the identity of the new multi-millionaire remains a mystery. 
The New South Wales entry was the only division one winning entry nationally in Powerball draw 1296 on Thursday 18 March 2021. 
As tonight’s winning entry was not registered to a player card, the identity of the ticketholder remains a mystery and they may have yet to discover they’re now $50 million richer. 
We are urging all Sydney residents or visitors who purchased an entry in tonight’s Powerball draw to check their ticket and make contact to claim their prize. 
In addition to the elusive $50 million division one winner, there were another 1,530,466 winners across divisions two to nine in tonight's Powerball draw who collectively took home more than $28.7 million. 
Remarkably, 26 players were just one number shy of winning division one. These players had all the winning numbers, but not the all-important Powerball number so instead have to settle for a division two prize of $30,636.75 each. 

Someone is having a winning end to the working week, but first they need to check their ticket and discover they’re now $50 million richer. There are 50 million reasons why all Powerball players who purchased an entry into this week’s Powerball draw from a Sydney NSW Lotteries outlet should check their ticket immediately. 

There’s a sense of déjà vu with tonight’s results – just four weeks ago another mystery entry won a $50 million Powerball prize. In that instance, the winner turned out to be a man from Mackay in Queensland. We can’t wait to see who the latest Powerball winner is. 
If you discover you’re holding the Powerball division one winning entry, hold on tight to that ticket and phone 131 868 as soon as possible so that we can start the prize claim process!