A Facebook post about a mystery Sydney Powerball winner has helped a Merrylands mum realise she is now $12 million richer.

The Western Sydney player held the only division one winning entry across Australia in Powerball draw 1221, drawn Thursday 10 October 2019, scoring the division one jackpot prize of $12 million.

As her winning entry was not registered to a Players Club card, NSW Lotteries officials had no way of contacting her to break the incredible news.

It’s the first time an Australian has won a $12 million Powerball prize.
The Sydney mum is also the 12th Powerball division one winner so far this year.These 12 winners have pocketed more than $477 million in Powerball division one prize money.

Speaking to us, the ecstatic winner couldn’t contain her excitement when her prize was confirmed.

“That’s so cool! That’s so cool to hear that,” she said while bursting out laughing.

“We were getting ready for bed last night, and it said on Facebook that someone bought in the winning ticket in Greystanes but haven’t claimed it. I thought ‘Oh my goodness, maybe it’s me?”.

“That’s when I went and checked my ticket.

“I got someone to read out the winning numbers and I was shaking as I was looking at my ticket and marking each number off.

“It was just shock. It’s surreal. It’s completely surreal.

“We had to wait until we fell asleep; we couldn’t just go to sleep.

“We had a couple of wines last night, and bacon and eggs this morning to celebrate!”

The Merrylands mum confessed she was still “processing” her new multi-millionaire status, and how she might use her prize.
While no firm plans had been made yet, she vowed to continue to turn up to work tomorrow.

“We have been talking about a nice Christmas holiday to celebrate,” she added.

“I always play Powerball and you read about people winning, but to actually experience it yourself, it’s just surreal. It’s so cool!”.

The winner, who wishes to remain anonymous, purchased her winning entry at Greystanes Centre Newsagency, Shop 19, Greystanes Shopping Mall, 665-699 Merrylands Road, Greystanes.

Greystanes Centre Newsagency employee Pitou Hong said he was thrilled the winner had been united with their life-changing prize.

“We’ve been so excited to have sold this winning entry and to know that one of our customers is $12 million richer,” he exclaimed.

“We were thrilled when we saw we had sold the amazing prize.

“All our customers have been so excited and busily checking their Powerball tickets.

“It’s great that it’s a local and one of our regular customers. We wish them all the very best with their prize.”