1. The last time Powerball was won at $40 million was November 2019

On 21 November 2019, a Cairns Healthcare worker scored the entire $40 million Powerball prize, but all the winner could think about was taking a shower! 

When we contacted the man immediately after the draw, the stunned Queenslander admitted he had already checked his ticket and discovered the life-changing result, but he needed a shower to calm down. 

The lucky man planned to share his windfall with his family, buy a new home and go on a holiday! We are sure he’s playing by his own rules in 2020!

2. The most drawn Powerball numbers are 3 and 19

Do you like to play numbers that are drawn frequently, or do you prefer to choose the least commonly drawn numbers hoping they’ll finally come up?

However you like to play, our number frequencies can provide some inspiration when it comes to choosing those all important numbers! 

Since draw 1144 back in April 2018, Powerball number 3 and 19 have been drawn eight times each, while 1 and 18 have only been drawn twice!

Will you be choosing hot or cold numbers this Thursday?

3. A PowerHit entry guarantees the Powerball number

A PowerHit entry is equivalent to 20 standard games and guarantees you the all-important Powerball number that you do need to win division one. 

So far this year there have already been 10 division two winners who would probably kick themselves to know if they had  a PowerHit entry, they would have taken home the jackpot prize! 

You can learn more about PowerHit entries here. 

4. We could be crowning the first Powerball winner of the decade

When we see someone take home that division one prize, whether it be tonight or in the coming weeks, they will be crowned the first Powerball division one winner of the decade!

How would your 2020 look if your bank account extended by a few extra zeros?


For your chance to well and truly play by your own rules, grab an entry in the $40 million Powerball jackpot.