Flocking for Ferraris? Fast-tracking first-class holidays? Ditching the daily grind forever? Australian division one winners have shared exactly what they did after receiving their life-changing lottery windfalls. 

We surveyed more than 100 Australian lottery division one winners who have provided some inspiration for those contemplating how they might play by their own rules should they take home Thursday’s record-breaking $150 million Powerball prize.

With one-in-two Australian adults expected to have an entry in Thursday’s draw, players contemplating what they would do with their Powerball prize could draw inspiration from previous Aussie division one winners.

Each year, we crown about 400 division one winners across our lottery games. Many of these only discover their good fortune after we make contact with them and break that life-changing news they’ve won the big one.

Not surprisingly, many division one winners are stunned by the revelation they have taken home a major prize and describe that winning feeling as one of complete and utter disbelief.

“I felt completely numb. I honestly thought the Lott app had glitched. Over three months later, I still can't believe it,” one winner shared.

“I sat on the couch saying ‘this can't be real’ for about five minutes,” another winner said.

“After finding out, I thought I was going to pass out, then I started crying and then I can't repeat what I said!” one player confessed.

Celebrating their win

From a spur-of-the-moment trip to Bali to a quiet family barbecue, Aussie division one winners celebrate their wins in all sorts of ways.

Of those we surveyed, almost three-quarters (72%) of division one winners said they shared their winning news with their partner and immediate family. Just over a quarter (27%) also told their close friends. Only a few winners (4.8%) told no one.

“I went out and got a haircut and bought two pairs of comfortable expensive shoes… and purchased my own place after renting for 28 years!” one winner said.

“I went back to sleep after I found out, and then paid off all our bills!” another winner shared.

“We had party pies and close family over to celebrate,” one explained.

“I cried with joy and then bought a house,” another confessed. 

How they used this life-changing prize

The vast majority of division one winners said they savoured the “peace of mind” and “financial freedom” that their windfall gave them.

The first thing the majority of our winners do is buy a new house debt-free or pay off the mortgage. They just can’t wait get that weight off their shoulders.  After that, investing for the future, helping family and friends, and upgrading the car are at the top of their lists.

Some more unusual purchases included an engagement ring and artwork as an investment.

Interestingly, when we asked winners how many people they thought had directly benefited from their windfall, such as through gifts to family and friends, the average was nine people.

“It’s like a new world. I can help my family and my friends as well,” one winner said.

“It has completely changed our lives. All the goals we set out to achieve in a long-term plan have now been achieved. We finally bought our rural acreage property to give our little family the life we dreamed of,” another winner shared.

“We use the saying... ‘we are doing this...because we can!!!’,” one said.

What Aussie division one winners did with their division one prize

  • Invested money for the future 70.41%
  • Helped family and friends 55.10%
  • Paid off my mortgage (in part or full) 54.08%
  • Bought a new car 35.71%
  • Donated to charity 22.45%
  • Bought a new house 20.41%
  • Enjoyed a holiday 20.41%
  • Retired from work 15.31%
  • Paid off my family/friends’ mortgages10.20%
  • Changed jobs or went part-time 10.20%
  • Started a new business venture 1.02%


Our division one winners also have some advice for anyone taking home this week’s $150 million Powerball jackpot.

And who is better placed to give you some tips on how to be a newly-minted millionaire than some of our previous lottery winners. 

Some winners advise you to put their prize in a term deposit while you make plans, while others encourage you to seize the day and make some of those long-held dreams a reality.

Some major prize winners have even gone away for a mini-break after discovering their multi-million-dollar win, saying it helped to give them perspective on what they wanted their future life to look like.

‘Luck does not happen all the time. Once you have won, do not waste it. Help people who can use your help,” one winner said.

“Don’t rush into doing anything too quickly. Let it all sink in and wait until you have gotten over the shock so you can think clearly about what you should do,” another shared.

“Never give up as you never know when your dream will come true!” one said.

We hope our previous lottery winners have encouraged some dreaming ahead of Thursday’s record-breaking $150 million draw.

Don’t forget, the draw closes 7:30pm AEST!