So far in 2019, eight thrilled Aussies have taken out division one in Powerball, collectively pocketing over $316 million. 

Now nine months into the year, we are eagerly waiting to see who the nation’s ninth division one Powerball winner will be. Fittingly, there’s a massive nine-digit number up for grabs, with the jackpot soaring to a mind-blowing $100 million! 

This is the second-biggest jackpot prize ever offered in Australian lottery history, reaching the point where we’ll be carefully counting how many zeros we write on the novelty cheque if someone wins the coveted prize.

With $100 million on the line, you may be keen to discover the entry types that helped this year’s division one winners become multi-millionaires.

Of 2019’s eight division one winners, half have had marked entries while the remainder pocketed the jackpot with randomly generated QuickPick entries. 

Marked entries allow players to choose the numbers that are special or meaningful to them. For a South Australian dad who won an incredible $40 million in June, he chose the winning numbers on his 25-game marked entry using his family’s birthdays, while a Bendigo man who scored $30 million revealed he’d marked some “lucky” numbers he’d been using for years. 

For an Adelaide man who won $36.6 million in July, he had his eyes set on that all-important Powerball number. An entry needs to have all seven winning numbers plus the Powerball number in a single game panel to take out the jackpot. The thrilled winner secured the Powerball number by choosing a PowerHit QuickPick entry which not only guaranteed the all-important Powerball number but let the lottery terminal handle the rest. 

As well as winning the coveted division one prize of $36.6 million the man also scored division two 19 times, bolstering his total prize to $37.6 million!

If you’re vying for a chance to take out the massive $100 million jackpot in Thursday night’s draw, there’s a range of entry types you can choose from so you can play your way. 

Make sure to register your entry to a player card or online account so we can call you and personally confirm how many extra digits you could be adding to your bank account if you win.

Check out the list of our Powerball winners so far for this year. We can’t wait to see if we will be adding new winners to it soon! 

2019’s division one winning Powerball entries

  • January: Sydney woman breaks records taking home $107 million with a 12-game marked entry.
  • February: South Australian dad pockets $40 million with a 25-game marked entry. 
  • March: Sydney man’s dreams come true, winning $20 million with a PowerHit  entry.
  • May: Bendigo man scores $30 million with a 7-game marked entry.
  • May: Ballarat man overjoyed with $8 million won from his 25-game QuickPick.
  • July: Adelaide man secures $36.6 million with a QuickPick PowerHit entry.
  • July: Macedon Ranges family pocket $36.6 million with their 25-game QuickPick.
  • July: New South Wales couple thrilled with $36.6 million win from their 10-game marked entry.