The Sunshine Coast resident held one of the four division one winning entries in Saturday Gold Lotto draw 4261 on Saturday 21 May 2022. Each division one winning entry nabbed $1,393,369.77.

We called the winning man with the news this morning, but he initially struggled to believe his life-enhancing win was real.

“Are you serious? Am I being scammed?” he laughed.

“Is someone pranking me? This can’t be real!

“Oh, bloody hell! You’re my best friend, thank you so much.

“My wife only recently told me I’d never win. Well, now I’ve won $1 million!

“I can’t believe it. I’ll be able to pay my house off and prepare for the future.

“It’s hard enough saving anything in this economy, so this is an incredible boost.

“I’m a battler, mate, but you’ve made my week already.”

The elated winner purchased his 18-game QuickPick entry at TSG Caloundra, Shop 6, Stockland Caloundra, 47 Bowman Road, Caloundra.

TSG Caloundra owner Millan Kumar said he was beside himself with excitement as it was his store’s first division one winning ticket.

“I was so happy and couldn’t believe it when I heard we’d sold a division one winning ticket!” he said.

“We will be decorating the shop to thank our lovely customers for supporting our business.

“Our staff do such a wonderful job and we hope our customers are as excited as we are for the wonderful winner!

“A massive congratulations from our team, and we hope all of the winner’s dreams come true.”