An Edgeworth woman has this morning revealed she’d purchased herself a Saturday Lotto ticket for her birthday because she was feeling ‘lucky’, but never expected it to make her $2.5 million richer.

There were eight division one winning entries across Australia in Saturday Lotto draw 4233, drawn Saturday 12 February 2022. Each entry took home a division one prize worth $2.5 million.

This morning, we spoke to the Newcastle woman, who’d only just discovered her multi-million-dollar win.

“Woo-hoo! I’m having trouble standing up right now, love! This is incredible,” the winning woman giggled.

“When my husband checked this ticket last night, we thought we’d won $900, not $2.5 million! And gosh, we were excited enough about that.

“I actually bought this ticket for myself for my birthday as a little treat. My husband usually buys our Lotto tickets, but I was feeling lucky because it was my birthday, so I did instead.

“But now it’s not just a birthday gift for me, but for my whole family. I can’t wait to call my family and tell them we’ve won division one. It’s going to be amazing!

“We were going to go out today to do some shopping, but we might ditch those plans and go out for Chinese for lunch.

“We’ll get a really nice bottle of champagne as well to celebrate. It might be a bit of a wild one, I think!

“I think I need to go home first and sit down and let the news sink in. I’m trying so hard to keep calm right now!

“We have struggled a lot throughout our lives, so this is a life-changing win. I’m just so pleased about it.

“We’re going to share the prize with our family and then spend lots of time travelling.
“We want to see more of Australia, and then we’d love to go to the UK for a while.”

The winning entry was purchased at Edgeworth Newsxpress, Shop 9 720 Main Road, Edgeworth.

Edgeworth Newsxpress owners Kaite and Jo Atkinson said they were glad to hear their winner had been united with her prize.

“It’s amazing to know we’ve helped make someone an overnight multi-millionaire,” Kaite said.

“We’ll get a big bottle of champagne to celebrate. This is actually the first time we’ve had a division one win in Lotto since taking ownership of this outlet three years ago.

“What an exciting win for this Edgeworth woman,” Jo added.

“We’d love to send a big congratulations to our winner. We hope she has so much fun with her win!

“Our customers are all so happy for the winner and hoping they’re next to win a major prize.”