After discovering their private syndicate won a $1.8 million X Lotto prize on Saturday night, a Salisbury couple rushed straight to their friends with a bottle of champagne to break the news and celebrate.

The four Adelaide players held one of the 11 division one winning entries in Saturday X Lotto draw 4257 on Saturday 7 May 2022. Each division one winning entry scored $1,818,181.82.

This morning, we spoke to the private syndicate leader, who explained the group of friends had been buying X Lotto tickets together for years.

“My wife and I checked our ticket on Saturday night after the draw,” the private syndicate leader explained.

“When my wife initially scanned the ticket on The Lott app, she thought we’d won $1,800. We were stoked!

“So, I asked her to read the numbers out to me while I rechecked the winning numbers online. That’s when I realised we had all the winning numbers.

“I told her it wasn’t a $1,800 win, but a $1.8 million win! We probably checked the ticket about 100 times after that to be sure.

“We could barely get our heads around it. It was so hard to believe!

“This ticket was purchased with our friends. We play with them whenever there’s a big draw. We all pick our numbers, combine them, and buy a bigger ticket.

“So, we went straight to their place on Saturday night without warning. We knocked on their door and broke the exciting news that our ticket had won division one.

“They were in complete shock! It was mind-blowing.

“We did celebrate with a drink or two of champagne, but it was hard because we were so overwhelmed.

“This prize will be shared between the four of us. We’ll do the usual thing – help our children, pay our bills, and save the rest for our future retirement.

“We do want to see a financial advisor too! It’s awesome, and we want to use the money wisely.”

The members of the private syndicate purchased their entry at Fairview Green Newsagency, Shop 10 / 325 Hancock Road, Fairview Park.

Fairview Green Newsagency owner Paul Harmer said his entire team was over the moon for their winners.

“We’re a family business, and our family is so excited for the four winners!” he said.

“We’ll be sharing the news with all our customers. I’m sure they’ll be very excited and hoping they’re next to win big.

“The last time we sold a division one winning entry was in 2012, so we’re thrilled to have another.

“In 12 years, we’ve sold two division one winning entries. Hopefully, this is the start of a division one winning streak.

“Congratulations to our winners. We wish you the best of luck and hope you spend it wisely.”