Four days after the draw, an Ipswich mum has finally checked her Lotto Superdraw entry and realised she’s gone about her week with no idea she’s a multi-millionaire. 

The south-east Queenslander held one of the eight division one winning entries in Saturday Gold Lotto draw 4139, drawn Saturday 20 March 2021. She takes home a division one prize of $2.5 million. 

Sharing her disbelief with us this morning, the woman explained an email had prompted her to check her online entry. 

“I’m still a bit shocked!” she exclaimed. 

“I wanted to make sure it’s real. 

“Thank you so much. 

“It feels so surreal but also very exciting!

“When I finally checked my emails, I thought it was some kind of joke. 

“I didn’t think it could be real but then I logged into my online The Lott account and checked my tickets. 

“I had to show my husband and neither of us could believe what we were seeing! 

“I certainly had a sleepless night last night.” 

When asked how she planned to enjoy her $2.5 million, she already had a few ideas. 

“I’ll keep working,” she declared. 

“I love my job and I can’t imagine stopping work at the moment. 

“I think we will want to upgrade our home to something bigger and more modern. 

“We’d love to travel but that’s not something that we can do at the moment but hopefully in the future! 

“I think we’ve got a bit of thinking and planning ahead of us. I cannot wait!”