A Doncaster man’s Mondayitis disappeared just a few short moments after welcoming the news he was now one of the nation’s newly-minted millionaires from the weekend’s TattsLotto draw.

The winning man held one of 16 division one winning entries in TattsLotto draw 4243, drawn Saturday 19 March 2022. Each division one winning entry scored $1.25 million.

This morning, we contacted the winner, who was oblivious to his millionaire status.

“Good god! Fair dinkum? You’re being serious?” he exclaimed.

“This is unbelievable!

“I did not expect this call on a Monday morning. It’s absolutely made my week before it’s even begun.

“I’m feeling pretty good now. I’ll have to give my family a call and ask them to sit down before I give them the news.

“Thinking about it now, I’ve got no idea what to do! I’ll have to pay off my mortgage and have a think about what I do next.

“But it’s going to make my life easier, I know that for sure.

“I only play every now and then, so this is such a shock.

“Thank you so much for calling and telling me!”

The life-changing 24-game QuickPick was purchased at Tunstall News & Lotto, 4 Tunstall Square, Doncaster East,.