The power of playing with others in the community proved to be the secret to division one success for the weekend’s Superdraw winners. 

Of the eight division one winning entries that shared the $20 million division one prize, three were syndicate entries where players will share their winning joy together. After all, sharing is caring! 

In previous Superdraws, we’ve heard incredible stories from our winners about how they planned to use their windfall – from purchasing a new home, a fancy car or even embarking on a lavish holiday. With this new group of winners, we can just imagine the kind of life-changing plans they have in mind for their prize!  

Here’s a rundown of how the latest Superdraw wins landed: 

  • Eight winning entries shared the division one prize pool of $20 million, scoring $2.5 million each!  
  • Of the eight division one winning entries, four landed in Victoria, three in Western Australia, and one in New South Wales.  
  • The winning numbers in ​Saturday Lotto Superdraw​ draw ​4349​ on ​25 March 2023​ were ​9, 14, 39, 42, 8, 10​, while the supplementary numbers were ​12​ and ​31​.  
  • There were over 2 million wins in divisions 2 to 6 who collectively took home more than $25.8 million in prize money. Make sure you check your tickets to see if you had a win! 

Sol Leski, manager at Ramsay Pharmacy Balaclava, was certainly feeling the Lotto love this morning when he learnt his store syndicate won big! He expressed how happy he was knowing a merry group of local players can look forward to their share of the division one prize. 

“It’s fantastic news – we couldn’t be happier knowing our syndicate ‘Spinning Around’ has helped 16 locals,” he said. 

“This syndicate has been going for more than 15 years. In fact, we’ve sold 27 division one winning entries over 45 years, so it’s nice to see more wins land our way. 

“Our division one winning syndicate entry will give the shopping centre a much-needed boost.” 

In addition to our stoked syndicate winners, a Plenty man became an overnight multi-millionaire and will enjoy his $2.5 million Superdraw windfall just in time for Easter.  

“I can help my family and friends, retire from work, and buy a house – all of the above!” he exclaimed when we confirmed his prize. 

Don’t forget, there are more chances to become a Saturday Lotto millionaire with an estimated division one prize pool of $5 million up for grabs this Saturday. Happy playing!