Just when Christmas in July festivities couldn’t get any better, smaller wins and bonus tickets have led to memorable  lottery windfalls for some winners this week. 

Check out the winning highlights! 

Western Sydney man scores $655,000 on free lottery ticket

A father from Western Sydney is embracing the feeling of good fortune after he scored a free Lotto Strike entry,, which scored him a division one prize worth $655,000! 

“I don’t know what to say! Oh my god. I am so excited,” he exclaimed.

“I only just started playing Lotto Strike, and this was a free ticket!"

The generous man vouched to support charities close to his heart, sharing he’d donate some of his prize.

“I’ve always said if I ever won the lottery, I would help some charities I am really passionate about, so I will certainly do that!”

Yatala mother celebrating $25,000 winning streak

A smaller lottery win led a Yatala mother to an unforgettable $25,000 Instant Scratch-Its prize after she used some of her winnings to purchase a top prize-winning ticket!

“Initially, I won a little bit of money on a lottery ticket and decided to reinvest into another ticket,” she revealed.

“I still had a bit of prize money left over, leading me to purchase $10 worth of Instant Scratch-Its tickets.

“I was alone at home when I scratched this ticket. It was a pleasant surprise! You tend to believe a $2 or $5 win, but you don’t believe it when it’s anything larger than that."

Gold Coast couple almost hang up  on $4.8 million Set for Life call

A Gold Coast couple thought their finger was being pulled by friends when we called to break the the news of their Set for Life division one win.

The Queensland winners scored a division one prize of $4.8 million, paid in instalments of $20,000 a month for 20 years.

“Is this real? Are you actually a real person?” the winning woman laughed.

“Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god!“

This is such good news! All our dreams can come true now. This is incredible.”

A Holiday to remember for Ravenswood woman

A Tasmanian woman who was celebrating Christmas in July with her family, came back home with an extra $10,000  in hand – all thanks to a top prize winning Instant Scratch-Its ticket!

“My family and I went on a trip away for two days to celebrate Christmas in July, and my daughter and I gave each other some Instant Scratch-Its tickets,” she shared.

“We all sat down as a family around the table to scratch them. It was then my turn to scratch my Instant Scratch-Its ticket. I scratched $10,000 and I was shocked!”

With the chance to win every day, perhaps we’ll deliver the life-changing news to you soon!