From the school drop off to a quick trip to buy a friend’s birthday card — this week was full of small moments that led to big wins for new Aussie millionaires.  

Check out our winning highlights: 

School drop off interrupted by $1.81 million win

A routine morning taking the kids to school was turned upside down for one unsuspecting Redcliffe dad who won a Saturday Gold Lotto prize.

“Thank you very much! I had no idea. I’m just doing the school drop off,” he said when he answered our winning call. 

“I’m in so much shock right now. I can’t stop shaking!

“This is the greatest gift I could ever ask for.”
Fairfield teacher still shows up for work after becoming a millionaire

Becoming a millionaire sounds like the perfect excuse to take a day off, but one hardworking Fairfield teacher was determined to head to work after discovering her Monday and Wednesday Lotto win.

“I shared the news with my family as soon as I found out. They were so excited for me. There were lots of hugs and jumping up and down,” she said.

“I’m still at work this morning. I’m a teacher, so I didn’t want to take the day off. The kids need me.

“I can barely believe I’m a millionaire now!”
“I’m going to cry now!”: Eagleby couple in disbelief over $1 million win

An Eagleby couple were also struggling to believe their new millionaire-status this week, sharing that their lives were about to be changed forever. 

“I’m getting emotional because it means we’ll finally be able to buy our own home after renting all our lives,” the winning woman cried. 

“I’ve checked and re-checked the ticket all morning. I still just can’t believe this is my life!”

Friend’s birthday leads to Saturday Lotto win

If you’ve given up buying birthday cards in favour of a text or email, this winning story from a Bateau Bay woman might convince you to think twice!  

“It feels like this win was almost meant to be. I was just out at the shops getting a card for my friend’s birthday when I bought this ticket.

“If I wasn’t buying the card, I wouldn’t have purchased the Saturday Lotto ticket. It’s crazy!

“It’s come at the perfect time. This win means we can completely rewrite our retirement plans, which is amazing.”

Check your lottery tickets, Australia 

We’re still on the hunt for some elusive multi-millionaires! 

A West Ryde Oz Lotto player could happily hop and skip their way to the weekend if they were to check their ticket and realise their $10 million win. The unknown New South Wales player was the only division one winner in Tuesday’s Oz Lotto draw 1474 and has taken home the entire $10 million jackpot.

Meanwhile, two mystery winning entries shared last night’s $80 million Powerball jackpot, scoring a huge $40 million each! 

One entry was purchased from a NSW Lotteries outlet in the City of Fairfield, while the other entry was purchased from a Tatts outlet in the City of Brimbank. 

Make sure you check your tickets. We’re eager to unite our newest multi-millionaires with their prize!