From mind-boggling jackpots to unexpected instant wins, our favourite lottery games have created life-changing moments our lucky winners never expected!  

Check out this week’s highlights:  

Last minute decision leads to $20 million Powerball win! 

An Oxenford man bagged the entire $20 million Powerball jackpot last night! The ecstatic winner was just about to nod off when we reached out to break the news. 

“I normally buy an entry at the shops, but I didn’t get the chance today as I left it quite late. It was after 5pm and I almost didn’t grab a ticket at all. I’m glad I did!” the winning man said. 

“I’d like to retire earlier than planned, and I’d like to set the kids up with a house. 

“Twenty million dollars! That’s a lot of money. I don’t think I’ll even believe it’s real when it’s in my bank account.”  

South Australian man has his eyes on the prize  

An Underdale man couldn’t believe his eyes when he scratched an Instant Scratch-Its ticket and won a top prize!  

The winning man scored a dreamy $100,000 windfall thanks to his $5 MONOPOLY ticket.  

“I thought I was dreaming! I couldn’t believe it!” he laughed. 

“This is the most I’ve ever won in my entire lifetime. 

“Some of the winnings will go to immediate family members, and then I’ll treat myself with whatever is left over!”  

Beginners luck makes Victorian man a millionaire 

A Mernda resident’s world was turned upside down over the weekend when he became one of our newest millionaires! Despite being a relatively new Lotto player, the fortunate winner bagged $1 million in the Saturday Lotto draw.  

 “Holy s***! Holy crap! Thank you so much!” the winner screamed when we confirmed his windfall.  

“I only started playing TattsLotto two weeks ago. I thought, ‘let’s see how we go’, and now you’re calling me. 

“This is absolutely fantastic timing. We’ve been wanting to buy a house in the area, and now we can!" 
Mind boggling windfall moves Maryland woman to tears  

A Maryland woman received a surprise of a lifetime when she discovered her $1 million Monday & Wednesday Lotto windfall! The New South Wales woman couldn’t believe it when we confirmed her million-dollar bounty.  

“I can’t stop crying! I have so many thoughts racing through my head,” the winning woman told us. 

“Well, who knows, we might even just buy ourselves a new house! 

“I’ve never experienced so many emotions at one time!” 

We can’t wait to hear more winning reactions soon!