With three multi-million-dollar Oz Lotto prizes claimed this week and a hidden pearl helping one woman’s dream come true, this week’s winning stories were true gems! 

Check out the winning highlights below! 

Tinned oyster treasure leads Newcastle woman to lottery fortune  

We often hear about the unusual charms players believe deliver them division one wins. This week, a new one was added to the list thanks to a Newcastle woman who scored a Lotto Strike fortune.  

“I was eating a tin of smoked oysters the other day and I found a pearl in the tin. I’ve had the best luck ever since!” she said.  

“There’s been lots of lucky little moments like finding a carpark easily and now this!” 

When she shared what she planned to do with her prize, it’s clear there’s nothing shellfish about this generous winner.   

“Of course, I will share it with my kids and family. It will just make life a lot easier,” she said.   

Braybrook man ‘manifests’ $834,000 TattsLotto division one win!  

From a precious pearl to a special ritual — one Melbourne man shared he had a routine that helped his dream of a division one win come true.   

“I actually just developed a new system for buying my tickets, and it seems like it’s come through for me!” he said. 

“See, when I was young, I grew up in a beautiful family home in Preston.  

"So every now and again, I drive back to that home. I stare at the house and dream about living in it again, and then I go to a newsagency in the area, and I buy my TattsLotto ticket.  

“It’s really incredible I have won because it feels like it was meant to be!”   

Oz Lotto prizes flying out the door as three winners claim their windfall  

We were delighted with a double multi-million-dollar division one win this week as two players took out the $10 million Oz Lotto jackpot. A Sutherland Shire man and a woman from Coffs Harbour are in for some big Aussie fun, each taking home a $5 million prize!   

However, good things must truley come in threes as a third Oz Lotto prize was claimed more than a fortnight after the draw.   

A Golden Square family turned out to be our elusive winners, holding the only division one winning entry in the Oz Lotto draw on Tuesday 6 July 2021. They take home a division one prize of $20 million!   

“We were cleaning the house the other day when we came across some old tickets which we’d forgotten about,” the family matriarch said.   

“Some had been in there for so long, so I decided to take them all down to the newsagency to check them.  

“We just can’t believe we’re multi-millionaires now. This feels like a dream come true!   

“I am not sure if we’re ever going to come down from this.”   

We can imagine all the new Oz Lotto winners are about to have a fantastic winning week ahead. We hope you do too!