From millionaires to spiders, this week was undoubtedly unforgettable. Major lottery prizes made it rain for players across all parts of the country, and their reactions were priceless! 

Catch up on all the highlights below.

Players lives transformed overnight after winning Saturday Lotto Superdraw

The weekend is already the highlight of most people’s week, and for lottery players across all parts of the nation, their weekend got even better thanks to a Superdraw windfall! 

Fourteen winning entries shared the $20 million division one prize pool,  each taking home a $1.4 million prize. 

Players in Queensland and Victoria snared five division one winning entries each, while there were two in New South Wales, and one each in the ACT and Western Australia.

Lotto win leaves young Brunswick West man’s family in disbelief

A Superdraw win definitely brings some super winning reactions. One Brunswick man described the moment he and his family discovered they were millionaires.

“I couldn’t believe it. I was with my mum and sister, and I started screaming at them, ‘I have won one million dollars! I am a millionaire!’,” he said.

“They didn’t believe me at first, but once I showed them my ticket on The Lott app, they realised I wasn’t joking. 

“The first thing I will do is pay off my mortgage and give it to my kids! I would also love to go on a holiday to Greece when we can travel overseas again, and I’ll invest the rest.”

Two Sunbury men take being neighbourly to the ‘next level’ after sharing windfall!

The winning reactions continued when two neighbours from Sunbury discovered their Monday & Wednesday Lotto division one prize.

The dynamic duo revealed that they usually purchased a QuickPick lottery, however, made the last-minute decision to mark their numbers instead. 

“We closed our eyes and picked the numbers that way. They weren’t special or anything like that, but they certainly feel that way now!” one of the winners recounted. 

“I checked our ticket last night after the draw, and as I was scrolling, I saw we had all six numbers, and I thought ‘no, no, no, no!’.

“I ran straight over to my neighbour’s house and showed him.”

Burraneer mum drops everything to celebrate $4.8 million Set for Life win

A Sydney winner held the only division one winning entry nationally in one of this week’s Set for Life draws, pocketing a prize of $4.8 million, paid in monthly instalments of $20,000 for 20 years. 

Once the winner realised she was holding the winning entry, all she wanted to do was lay on the ground and let the news sink in! 

“Wow! I just can’t believe this! My husband is right beside me, and he keeps asking me what I am on the phone about,” she laughed.

“I was meant to go out for a few appointments today, but I am going to cancel everything!

“As soon as I get off the phone to you, I am going to lay on the ground and let this all sink in!”

The joyful woman immediately knew the prize would go towards renovating the house, and she was ready to book in some tradesman to help revamp!

University of Queensland medical research boosted by $500,00 donation

While some people might not be fans of spiders, The University of Queensland has found the venom peptide from the Fraser Island funnel web spider can improve overall health outcomes for Australians suffering from strokes or heart attacks.  

The research team are using the venom to develop a treatment that first responders can use on patients as soon as a stroke or heart attack is detected. 

It’s hoped that treating patients at the scene will limit brain cell and heart nerve damage and give survivors a greater quality of life. 

Cardiovascular disease is a major cause of death in Australia, with a stroke being the second most common cause of death in the world, occurring every five seconds.

To support their important research, we made a $500,000 contribution from Golden Casket unclaimed prize money. Find out more here.

We look forward to another week of heart-warming stories!