Aussies tell us they stash their major prize winning tickets in all sorts of places to keep them safe. But this week we heard a truly unique method from one winning couple.

Check out this week’s winning highlights! 

Cunnamulla couple’s hide $100,000 winning Instant Scratch-Its ticket under their carpet 

We’ve heard of winning tickets being tucked into freezers, mattresses and light fittings for safekeeping. But this week a Cunnamulla couple found a whole new hiding place for their winning Instant Scratch-Its ticket.

“I had to keep the ticket hidden because I didn’t want to lose it!” the winning woman explained.

“I put it in a zip lock bag, then I put it inside a sealed envelope. After that I lifted up some carpet under our dining table and hid it under there! I thought that was a pretty good spot to hide it!”

Despite taking those extreme safety measures, the winning couple confessed they still didn’t believe they’d really won until the prize landed in their bank account.

Caloundra’s latest Gold Lotto division one winner retires immediately

Speaking of bank accounts, a Caloundra Saturday Gold Lotto winner didn’t even wait for his division one prize to hit his before he handed in his resignation letter.

“It was a dream come true! I have been waiting for this day for so long and now it is finally here,” he said. 

“The timing couldn’t be more perfect. I’ve already handed in my notice to retire this morning. 

“It feels absolutely fantastic.”

It’s clearly something he’s been contemplating for some time, and this prize helped seal the deal!

Muswellbrook woman’s birthday boosted by $200,000 Lucky Lotteries windfall 

Also proving that timing is everything, a Muswellbrook woman won a $200,000 prize in this week’s Lucky Lotteries Mega Jackpot draw — just days before her birthday!

“Oh my god! Oh my god!” she screamed when we broke the news. 

“I’m surrounded by everyone at work. They’re all cheering for me.”

We can just imagine she’s about to have an incredible birthday week, with plans to gift herself a holiday and a paid-off mortgage. 

Paddington pensioner misplaced wallet after discovering Lucky Lotteries windfall

The Lucky Lotteries surprises continued for a Paddington pensioner who was so shocked by his Super Jackpot 1st Prize win that he temporarily misplaced his wallet.

“Initially, I thought I had only won $5,000,” he said.

“Later, it came to my surprise that I had actually won $102,000! All I could say is ‘Jesus!’.

“I was in such a mess from discovering my win that I left my wallet at the counter. Thankfully, a generous man came up to me with my wallet."  

We look forward to surprising more players with major wins. And no doubt they’ll surprise us with their winning stories!